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What to know before visiting Georgia

Georgia, a hidden gem at the nexus of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, offers visitors an experience they won't soon forget. Explore the quaint ancient town of Tbilisi, relax in the therapeutic sulphur springs, and savour Georgian wine, which is among the oldest in the world. Wander through the picturesque Kakheti wine region and explore the historic cave city of Uplistsikhe. Georgia combines a variety of scenery with friendly friendliness.

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Time Zone
GMT +04:00
2.5 hours ahead
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Georgian Lari
1 INR = 0.030GEL

Georgia Highlights

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Mtsvadi (Georgian Grilled Meat)

Mtsvadi (Georgian Grilled Meat)

Bagrati Cathedral
Holy Place

Bagrati Cathedral

Vardzia Cave Monastery
Tourist Attraction

Vardzia Cave Monastery

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Russia, a land of mystery and wonder. Thanks to Eurasia, I explored the iconic Red Square in Moscow, wandered through the art-filled streets of St. Petersburg, and even ventured into the serene beauty of Siberia. Eurasia's attention to detail ensured a seamless and enriching experience.

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Tashkent in Uzbekistan is a hidden gem, and Eurasia made sure I unearthed its beauty. From the vibrant Chorsu Bazaar to the ancient wonders of Samarkand, the journey was a tapestry of colors and history. Eurasia's dedication to showcasing the best of Uzbekistan left me in awe.

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Armenia and Georgia, two countries that stole my heart. Thanks to Eurasia, I witnessed the breathtaking landscapes, explored ancient monasteries, and tasted delicious local cuisine. The flexibility in the itinerary allowed me to fully immerse myself in the rich culture and stunning beauty of these unique destinations.

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